Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Suggestions: "Smash! Crash!" by Jon Scieszka

I cannot recommend this book. What's worse? My son likes it. Worst case literary scenario: a book your kid loves having read to him that you despise reading.

There are at least three reasons I really dislike this book. First, the two protagonists, Jack and Dan, spend their days smashing and crashing everything - even when their friend trucks ask them to refrain.

Secondly, through the entire story, the two trucks are running away from a booming voice calling to them because she needs them to do something. I believe the take-away message here would be to run away from your mom when she's calling you.

Last, in the middle of the book, a brand new ice cream truck makes an appearance with no explanation whatsoever and becomes, what I can only assume is supposed to be, the annoying little sister...but only for that page - one page, no real context, and she's gone.

Surprisingly, Loren Long, who is fantastic, is involved in this book. I reviewed another book by Loren Long here. Don't miss that one, but if given another chance, I would pass up Smash! Crash!.*

*You are encouraged to make your own decisions regarding any purchase of this book.

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