Monday, September 3, 2012

Announcing Well-Written Wednesday (Tips on Writing)

There is not one way to guarantee a respectable revenue from your blog.

There are two.

The editors at Great Marks Proofreading Consultants work primarily with successful blogs that have a high number of pageviews and sponsors. I have found that these blogs have become relatively successful in one of two ways. They either:
1. Have decent content, but market and network the heck out of it.
2. Have fantastic content and don't network or SEO it at all.

The blogs that are really bringing in an excellent revenue have great content, great networking skills, and have SEO'ed their blog website.

You truly do not have to be a great writer to have a blog with a few decent sponsors. If you are an excellent writer, you won't have to do much networking to get sponsors. However, if you can do both of these things, and SEO your blog, you will gain sponsors and readers at a much faster rate. Our facebook page primarily focuses on marketing and SEO, but this post is to announce a new program to  help you improve the content of your posts. Wednesday at Backspace to Bookbinding is now "Well-Written Wednesday". Every Wednesday, we'll be referencing a post that (in the opinion of the editor) has been extremely well written. Our readers will be able to see samples of what it looks like to write a good post, as well as have a chance to submit their own well written posts, and to network with other excellent writers. This Wednesday, we will feature a post by Beth Woolsey at Five Kids is a Lot of Kids. This heartfelt post is a great read that we know you'll enjoy.


  1. Have just subscribed. What a great idea! I'm new to blogging and am grateful for any hints and tips I can get. Thanks :o)

  2. Lizzy,
    Thank you and welcome to the Blogosphere!