Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well-Written Wednesday: Mrs. Fringe (Tips on Writing)

For information on how to improve your blog revenue and the goals of Well-Written Wednesday, check hereThe following post was syndicated from a blog written by MrsFringe. She lives in Manhattan with her husband–Husband, three kiddos–Man Child, Nerd Child, and Flower Child, two dogs–Big Senile Dog and Little Incredibly Dumb Dog, and the ever changing live stock in her reef tank.  In between her glamorous life of walking dogs and navigating the cutthroat world of school admissions in NY, she works on her writing and blogging about the world of broke parenting and reefing in NY. She was featured on Wordpress' "Freshly Pressed". 

We've moved! You can find this post right here now. 


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  2. Thanks for the feature and the compliments, Kendall! :)

    And, thank you, dose.of.influence, I hope you'll come visit--I'm going to check out words2riches!